LA VERTUAN is a brazilian industry specialized in develop skincare products to restore the balance of the skin using innovation and sustainability.

100% safety.

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    Fast results in skin treatment.

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    Our products are not tested in animals.

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    Use of natural ingredients and nanotechnology.

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    The packaging and design of the products is appealing to attract the customers eyes.

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    Multifunctional products.

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    Part of the property is an area of environment conservation, proper waste management rainwater harvesting and solar power generation system.

Brief History

Founded about 30 years ago, LA VERTUAN is focused on innovation and sustainability, which is the core of the company. All its products have the desire to promote treatment and to improve the health of the skin. LA VERTUAN aim is to make our users feel comfortable and confident with their natural beauty.


Within LA VERTUAN there are two lines; the Traditional line and the Natural line. The Traditional line is made for the treatment of the skin with nanotechnology. Whereas the Natural line is a line within products are certified as natural and/or organic and has the focus of treatment of the sensitive skin.


LA VERTUAN products are recommended by the best Dermatologists in Brazil.


LA VERTUAN skincare products promote treatment and improve the health of the skin. The Natural and the Traditional lines are composed of products for:


  1. Sensitive Skin


  1. Whitening


  1. Anti-aging


  1. Anti-cellulite


  1. Breast Firming

See what our customers are talking about:

  • Customer 01

    Ana Julia


    "I'm happy to find a cosmetic that does not hurt my skin."

  • Customer 02

    Carlos Guimarães


    "I always looked for cosmetics with natural commitment. Now I found it."

Almost 30 years of tradition in personal care products.

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    Production Capacity:
    20 thousand units/month.

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    Number of Employees: 16

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    Main clients in Brazil: Farmacies and more than 60 distributors.

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    E-commerce (Shipping in Brazil only.)